About us

EGYR DESK, based in North Carolina, is our online retailer distributed via FedEx, UPS, First Class Priority Mail, and other LTL Shipping companies. We're happy to offer solutions for your needs. In addition to our quality products, we guarantee state-of-the-art customer service. Please look at our store for noise, privacy, display, mobile, and desk solutions.

We at EGYR provide solutions for a noisy environment like office equipment, people talking, traffic noise, outside noise, and echoey space. Our acoustic products can provide that if you want to reduce the noise from going out. It absorbs and prevents unwanted noise. Our acoustic panels, tiles, baffles, and dividers are eco-friendly materials with a higher NRC rating of 85 to 90% for sound-absorbing panels directly from manufacturers in the USA. EGYR can provide solutions in offices, homes, showrooms, hotels, churches, privacy booths, etc. Artistic designs are decorative and add aesthetics to any space. 

Our versatile standing desks also help reduce back discomfort and other issues when seated for long periods. In addition, all our products promote good health and posture and are designed for comfort and aesthetics. In short, we offer competitive pricing on gaming, computer, mobile, and home office desks and workstations from brands such as ConsetMerge WorksFlash Furniture, and Unique Furniture.

Standing desks increase posture and productivity, and EGYR Desk has a vast selection of desks and tables to accommodate your needs and budget. In addition, we sell durable products that will blend in seamlessly with your home or office, from seamless carts to full-size workstations.

EGYR Desk is a woman-owned business with a dedicated team working tirelessly to continue growing our business. We pride ourselves on offering customers the best noise solution and adjustable-height desks available.

You can browse our acoustic products and standing desks selection to find what you need for your office. If you have questions about our products or the availability of a specific item, please visit our "Contact Us" page to get in touch.