Your Health Matters

Your Health Matters


               Health is wealth. Proper diet and exercise are one of the keys to improving one's health. Nowadays, we become stagnant not because we want to but because we have to, like working in the office for 8 hours or more. By sitting for extended period of hours the blood flow is interrupted and by doing this for a prolonged period; for months and years will affect one's health like obesity, interrupted blood flow, thrombosis, blood clots, heart diseases, sore, bad posture and so on. Our heart works by good blood flow not only in the heart but the whole body. Any blockages can cause problems. Aside from eating habits, our activities are one of the main factors of all these issues. We are supposed to move to help our muscles pump the blood to the heart and good blood flow from our legs.

They designed Stand-Up Desk for these problems. It aimed to answer the needs of those who work in the office and front of the computer. By changing our position frequently, not only to sit and stand we need to stretch and do some reposition while working. The aim of Sit-Stand Desk is to maintain the active lifestyle while at work and to have a proper blood flow. The Adjustable Desk designed by Electric, Manual or Crank and Sit-Stand. The Electric Stand Up Desk is for easy mobility if you prefer to move it more frequently. The Manual or Crank Desk is for affordability and those who adjust their Desk few times in a day. The Sit-Stand Desk designed where you can still use your old table and yet you can Stand while working. You can use the Sit and Stand wherever you go. 

Exercise, stretching, right posture, healthy eating habits and a good lifestyle are still the best way to achieve a healthier life. Your health is what matters more than anything else. Why sit when you can stand?

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