Acoustic Wall Panel Tile Shapes 85% - 90% Sound Absorber

What is Acoustic Wall Tiles?

Sound and Echo Absorber

If you've ever placed a phone call, you know how hard it is to hear the person on the other end of the line. Could you imagine recording the conversation? Noise dampening panels would help.

Benefits and Features:

1. You can use Acoustic wall tiles in your home theater, podcast studio, or any room to help reduce echo and excess noise and make the audio experience good.

2. They come in various sizes and shapes and will meet all your needs. In addition, the tiles can be laid out in different designs. For example, wall tiles can have designs like a parallelogram, trapezoid, square, circle, hexagon, trianglebow tie, and scale.

  • Sustainability and eco­ friendliness
  • To manufacture Acoustic EchoScape, we use a polyester fiber that is 60 percent post­consumer recycled PET (from used plastic bottles).
  • Installation is easy with the contact adhesive.
  • When the product's life cycle is over, recyclable 100%
  • We do not use formaldehyde binders
  • Made in the USA
  • Acoustic Wall tile has an NRC rating of 85% (NRC ratings of 0.85 for 3/8" or 9MM)
  • There is an extensive range of designs from which to choose to create a unique design
  • EchoScape has a high degree of sustainability
  • No VOCs

Besides those, there are many more benefits! Likewise, the Sustainable and Echoscape panels can be easily assembled and stowed away. In addition, the acoustic wall tiles can quickly move around your office or building because they fold into a small cube for storage or transportation.

Acoustic Wall Tile is excellent in balancing the sounds of the room environment where your business, employees, and visitors can have a conducive place. 

3. The shape and pattern of solidwaveinfinity, interlockarrow wall tiles, and other designs make for visually exciting patterns when combined. In addition to enhancing a brand by reifying colors associated with the organization, colored fabrics can also create a sense of comfort. In addition to being used as a signage, tiles can also contribute to acoustics in an entrance or corridor by having arrow ­shaped panels for directing people in a fun and playful way.
We offer acoustic wall tile solutions that can use in virtually any environment ­, not just in one industry. You can use them to absorb excess sound and ensure that your customers have a pleasant experience ­ and blend seamlessly into any décor. 

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