Top 5 Features of Adjustable Desks

Top 5 Features of Adjustable Desks

  1. Move Your Work Station With Ease


On the go? Adjustable desks on wheels are highly compatible with a job that requires movement. This feature is not only great for the workplace: moving a desk around the home office is ideal to create an environment where brainstorming, conference calls, and answering emails aren’t stationary tasks.


  1. Holds Everything You Need


Coffee? Water? The best adjustable desks have cup holders, preventing the distraction of making room for a drink or making sure your laptop or tablet stays dry. Many desks even provide a pencil holder for taking notes.


Working on a tablet has never been easier. Many adjustable desks on the market today have tablet holders, for ease of use without worry of dropping the device. Using a tablet on a desk makes writing much more simple. This feature allows new technology to be utilized during meetings with patients, co-workers, or for while working at home.


  1. Pulls Up to Any Table


Join the Meeting: Desks that move and adjust are able to lock into a stable position and line up with any table. Short compact desk legs allow anyone to join a table to work with teammates, or to lead a meeting from the comfort of your own desk.


Working with patients? The adjustable table makes any laptop or tablet move easily for taking notes on a patient in a healthcare setting. Instead of being stuck at the desk, wheels and adjustability allow us to get close to who we are speaking with while still being connected.


  1. Moves to Meet Your Height


It’s not one desk fits all: This desk adjusts to fit your needs. Tall people problems? No worries, the adjustable desk will rise to your height. At a seated position, it's important to feel your desk is tall enough. This prevents back problems, created by constant strain to the lower back and shoulders.






Reduce stress. With this desk, finding a comfortable position avoids the pains of being uncomfortable and under pressure. We don’t want to be stressed at work, but sometimes our boss or client makes things difficult. In fact, stress makes health problems worse and has the potential to make anyone unhappy by the end of the week. That’s why the height feature on adjustable desks is a healthier way to spend the day. Spend time free from stress in the body, and hopefully from the mind.


  1. Stand While You Work


This desk adjusts to a Standing Position, to meet your exact height. No desk is better than one that adjusts to both sitting and standing positions. This feature allows you to sit when you’re tired, or stand when you have energy.


Standing burns more calories than sitting. Adjustable desks are perfect for reaching the health goals of your New Years Resolution. Standing while working burns calories without breaking a sweat. Staying in shape while working is great. With the ability to not only sit in different positions but also stand while you work, the adjustable desk makes for a healthier workweek.



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